This is our family. Our great grandparents arrived from Europe in the late 19th Century and settled in these rough lands. Hard work and determination by many families like ours, shaped a new lifestyle by embracing the overwhelming wildness of the natural surroundings. This lifestyle is continually reflected in our lodges San Huberto (Patagonia) since 1976 and Inti Malal (Northwest) since 2011.


Patagonia was wild, rude and inhospitable when our ancestors first settled in the area. No roads, no bridges.... no nothing...

The first houses in the Malleo area were set closer to the border with Chile, as much of the nascent economy and goods which we didn’t produce ourselves, came from our neighboring country.

The initial economic resources came from ranching. First came sheep, then bovine cattle. Simple vegetable gardens provided some extra food in the summer, and households learned how store some for the winter. Cabbages, corn, and potatoes among others were carefully stored in order to save them for the winter months. Pickled vegetables, mushrooms and meat, smoked fish and cheese, sausages, marmelades and compotes were prepared and kept during the warm months. This was the true hustle and bustle of the place! These same foods provide the basis for what today is considered our traditional patagonian cuisine.

European pioneer ranchers also introduced new species, for varying reasons: red stag in the 1920´s thanks to an extraordinary effort by our neighbors the Hommanns, while trout were accidentally introduced around 1904.. what a fortunate accident! Additionally, European rabbits, hare and wild boars appeared in the area over time.

People witnessed the almost magical spread of these species throughout the patagonian lands, and found here an incredible natural environment with plentiful enough resources to sustain the inhabitants. Thus, the culinary home books soon included new recipes based on these new resources, from hunting and fishing. And this is where we find ourselves now…

Avid fishermen and hunters found the ideal location to pursue their favorite sports in these lands. It didn´t take long for the residents to understand that a new business opportunity was available, not only for the villages, but also for the farms. With it came a valuable chance to diversify their economy. In fact, the 2nd half of the 20th Century wasn´t profitable for the argentine agriculture in general, so this was a promising opportunity.

The very first rural lodge in Northern Patagonia was born:

San Huberto Lodge, founded by Carmen & Carlos Olsen in the early 1970´s was first a modest and warm inn for hunters, anglers and, of course, nature lovers. The very well hosted lodge grew in fame and anglers from around the world began to travel to San Huberto Lodge. For its charm and location along one of the most well-known fly fishing rivers in the world: the Malleo.

San Huberto gradually expanded and improved its facilities and services, and is now considered one of the premier lodges in the whole region. It is managed by Carlos & Carmen´s daughter Karin and sons Gustavo & Ronnie.

Our legacy and treasure continues in the spirit of hospitality developed by our ancestors, and particularly, that special style typical from Carlos Olsen. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting him and sharing time with him can attest that Carlos´ signature hosting style will be kept and honored for a long time to come.

Since the founding of the ranch and the following establishment of San Huberto Lodge in late 1976, our family has taken great care to ensure the quality of every product or service the Olsens have offered. Every undertaking has been and continues to be made with devotion and love. This is the philosophy we encourage our staff to embrace and the results show forth in every detail of the services and facilities we provide.

We are proud to have developed a real working family, where our kids are committed to our ideals and legacy and where our team members are dedicated to a job well done.

We care about our people and their families. And in sharing our lifestyle with our staff and offer them a chance to grow in all ways and they know they can count on our support. We enjoy watching our people improve their lives and open new opportunities for their families and children. This is the most wonderful reward we can expect and we are glad for that.

During more than a century, we have welcomed and said goodbye to many kind and wonderful employees, for who we are grateful. They now continue to be our dear friends, for we are grateful. All them have left a personal imprint on the character of our organizations and they are responsible for the success of our business.

To all of them, a sincere THANKS from our heart.


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