Inti Malal Lodge was designed and developed by Gustavo Olsen and his family to serve guests wishing to explore the areas hunting options. Due to its pristine environment, first-class design and adornments and comfortable space and amenities, our hunting lodge is the leading accommodation service in the region.

The lodge houses eight sizable double bedrooms with private bathrooms. All of our facilities are in keeping with what can be expected from a 5-star boutique hotel. Each room offers wide windows with a full view of the well-tended gardens surrounding the lodge, and which let the beauty of the rustic dry northern forest fill the rooms.

A spacious and elegant common living & dining space, with a fully stocked bar, extends into our outdoor gallery with a barbecue pit, where guest can socialize, enjoy wonderful meals and relax with their favorite drink. The space is designed to offer a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor space, ending at a fire pit with comfortable sofas and an accompanying infinity pool, all facing the peaceful gardens that seem to merge into the native forest. Enhance your relaxation by spending time in our indoor spa area with jacuzzi, massage section and sauna.

The well cared for facilities also include a gun room, mud room and wine cellar containing an assortment of some of the finest wines of Argentina, which include emblematic Torrontés(typical white wine of the Cafayate Valley - Argentina) and Malbecs.

Chef Javier Painefilu relies on our exquisite vegetable garden to offer healthy and delicious dishes for our guests, including traditional meals and chef´s specialties.

Our additional facilities on the premises support the extraordinary service provided during every moment of the day. Our staff and hosts are eager to meet all your needs and requests to ensure your total enjoyment of our offerings.

In addition, for those who can´t fully escape their responsibilities, high speed wifi internet is available 24 hours a day throughout the lodge.



A typical hunting package with us includes 4 days/nights, with all meals and beverages, open bar, laundry, transfers to and from airport and full guiding services.

Day 1: Pick up from airport - Lunch and relaxation time. Hunt if time permits. Cocktails. Dinner.

Days 2 & 3; Have a healthy and nutritious breakfast to prepare for your day’s adventure. Dove hunt in the morning. Return to the lodge to enjoy appetizers and drinks before lunch. Relax and enjoy lodge facilities until coffee time followed by afternoon hunting. Evenings provide a great opportunity for a massage, the enjoyment of our other spa facilities or to simply enjoy drinks in the beauty of the outdoor fire pit & pool before dinner.

Day 4: Full day dove/pigeon hunt. Enjoy asado and argentine Malbec wines in the field.

Day 5: Morning dove hunt. Enjoy a quick lunch before departing to the airport.


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We have an excellent gun selection for your convenience

* 20 semi-auto / over under

* 28 over under

* Benelli & Beretta

Should you prefer to travel with your own gun, we would be delighted to assist you with papers and other mandatory procedures for temporary gun importation.

RD Shells: manufactured locally in our region, with high standard control. Due to our close proximity to the manufacturer, we guarantee a fresh and unlimited supply of the best shells. 12-20-28 GA available.


Fall - April & May: it is well known that eared dove can feed off the stock and can be devastating to the local farmers. Fall marks the harvest season and the real start of the "feeding frenzy", offering the most intense shooting. During the stages of harvest, you will literally see millions of dove head in the same direction to feed on the areas fields.

June to September: During the middle of argentine winter, the harvest is nearing the end and the dove population reaches its peak. This provides our most popular time to visit, as our guests escape the summer temperatures and growing restlessness resulting from being months away from the hunting season in the US. Regardless of the season, shooting is always consistent and there are innumerable dove in the fields.


Are you interested in other types of hunting? Our axis deer & black buck antelope populations provide great opportunities for bow hunting. The experience is certainly worthwhile.


* Fly overnight to Argentina - Arrival in Buenos Aires

* Fly to Tucuman

* We provide transportation from airport to Inti Malal Lodge, 1 hour drive.

* Charters from Buenos Aires and Cordoba to Tucuman or to a smaller domestic airport 5 minutes away from the lodge can be a great option for groups. Grand Caravans, Metroliners and King Airs are some of the aircrafts available through the most recommended charter companies in the country, with the ability to land and take off from the local runway.


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Fully equipped double rooms with private bathroom, all amenities, hair dryer, closet, safety box, emergency lights - air conditioning - wifi

Security service with fire prevention, detection and control system

Gun room with all security requirements in keeping the national gun register authority

Living-dining-bar room with beverages, available to guests 24 hours a day

Wine cellar with assorted top selections from Argentina

Barbecue area and gallery

Fire pit

Organic vegetable garden

Spa area with outdoor swimming pool, indoor jacuzzi, massage room and sauna

Gift shop

Our gastronomy

Inti Malal Lodge´s kitchen has been strongly influenced by San Huberto´s experience and development. Dining is an intergral part of our lodge experience and the high quality serves as our distinctive signature. Carmen Olsen continues her legacy as a chief consultant to the Inti Malal cuisine staff.

Chef Javier Painefilu was born in Junin de los Andes, the nearest village to our patagonian San Huberto Lodge. He worked at San Huberto´s kitchen for 3 seasons and took to the Olsen Family´s traditions and flavors. Javier is the heart and soul of our cuisine at Inti Malal Lodge since its opening in 2011, and has brought the character and style of the Olsen´s into Inti Malal´s culinary service. Guests of both lodges are thrilled to find some of the finest traditional dishes at both locations.

Additionally, Javier has adapted to the offerings of northern region to develop authentic creations of his own. Dove meat is among his specialties. Our lush vegetable garden produces organic offering all year round, and our fresh salads and vegetables will always complement the great gastronomy of Inti Malal Lodge.

Our 200-acres ranch includes crop fields and natural landscapes, an ideal combination for dove hunting. Roosts located inside the ranch make it possible to start hunting within minutes of Inti Malal´s front door. Additionally, special agreements with neighboring ranches allows our organization to add thousands of acres for exclusive use for our guests.

Gustavo has been recognized by the State Authority of Environmental Affairs in the province of Santiago del Estero for the programs he has designed for dry forest restoration and conservation inside Inti Malal´s lands. He has recovered over 100 acres of natural woods and pastures surrounding the lodge, reestablishing the old atmosphere of these lands. For this reason, fauna is naturally returning and native flora finds a sanctuary to showcase its variety and beauty.